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What is frocc?


A very old fashioned and inexpensive, yet successful and simple method of rearing chicken without confining them to a crowded environment. Instead they're given enough space to exercise their natural behaviour. The birds are reared fed on organic rations, natural pasture under stress-free happy environment.

Free range organic country chicken or FROCC is the exclusive product of The Poultry Farm. This is the Al-Fithra Chicken that is beneficial to our health and sustainable for the society. FROCC meat is one of the richest and healthiest sources of protein. It can cater to almost 50% of a person’s daily protein needs. These chickens possess lean muscles with negligible amount of fat. Their eggs have less cholesterol,saturated fats and are also an abundant source of vitamin-E, vitamin-D, omega-3 fatty acids and beta carotene. As they are fed organic, natural feeds which are rich in nutrients, they live a much longer life span and are also completely free from chemicals and artificial substances.

Top 7 natural behaviours of FROCC include:

  • Running
  • Perching
  • Scratching

  • Pecking
  • Gliding
  • Laying

By introducing FROCC practices we ensure maximised productivity & effeciency minimised expenditures. Thus ensuring enhanced Return On Investments.